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Integrating Solutions

During his twenty six years tenure as Vice President of Sales with another prominent industrial sales organization, Paul Escobar, founder of Escotech Inc. had the opportunity to closely relate to many Multinational customers at different levels; Executive, Administrative, Engineering, Manufacturing and Purchasing.  His quest was to identify the needs and wants from the customers point of view.

More than two decades of technological advances in various industrial fields did not change the basic definition of the "Ideal Supplier" as perceived by customers.

The "Ideal Supplier" should, according to customers:

  • Assume the responsibility of solving a customer's problem.

  • Supply all or at least most of the products required for a particular project.

  • Assume the responsibility for the service of the products supplied.

  • Have the technical knowledge and the financial means to achieve all of the above.

  • Do it at a fair price and within the time frame requested by the customer.


With these clearly defined parameters, Escotech Inc. set out to find the ways and means to fulfill today's customers requirements.

First, key products and their manufacturers were identified and classified.  Second, key system integrators, engineers and service group were readied for the challenge.  Third, key sales personnel were trained to meet the requirements of the "Ideal Supplier".

Escotech Inc., with ample experience in various technical disciplines, is now ready to meet or exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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