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Our Services

  • Conceptual Design Services

    • Conceptual Studies.

    • Preliminary System Studies and Design.

    • Process Control Analysis and Process Instrumentation Selection.

  • Documentation Services

    • Installation and Documentation Manuals.

    • Training, Operation and Maintenance Manual Writing.

  • Process Control Services

    • Instruments Installation and Start-up.

    • pH and Conductivity Meters - Installation, calibration and certification.

    • Level Transmitters - Installation, calibration and certification.

Industrials Computers & Man-Machine Interface Software



  • Industrial Computers and Peripherals. (Daisy Data)

  • Data Management and Man-Machine Interface Software.  (USDATA)

Industrial Process Equipment Industrial Process Equipment List

Vessel Protection

  • Tank Vents and Flame Arresters.

  • Safety Relief Valves. ( Most manufacturers - 48 hrs. delivery)

  • Vacuum Breakers. (Watson McDaniel)

Steam/Condensate Handling Systems, Pumps, P/T Switches and Valves List